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Cutler Law Group represents clients in all areas of public and private securities practice, as well as internal business transactions. We have undertaken numerous initial and secondary public offerings of stocks, bonds and composite securities, as well as a substantial number of private placements, creative financings and bridge financings. As a result, we currently represent a substantial number of public companies and emerging entities involved in raising capital through public and private offerings. 


Almost all companies have need for equity or debt financing, often to complete the company's initial business plan, to undertake acquisitions or to provide for management exit strategies.  Our office is often called upon to provide contacts with investment bankers, underwriters and others with respect to the capital raising needs of our clients.  We believe that each financing need has a perfect "fit" with an appropriate financing source. Our success is a reflection of the personal attention given to initiating and building these strategic relationships. 


Our business attorneys have also completed projects to comply with broker-dealer requirements under state and federal securities laws, as well as to properly qualify securities under various state "blue sky" laws.  Our experience includes preparation and filing of listing applications with Nasdaq, the New York Stock Exchange and the Over the Counter Bulletin Board